What kind of technology is it?

Introduction of total entertainment services for dogs


Who is the technology for?

Households with dog that have concerns over their dogs left home alone.
  • guilty

  • separation anxiety


What is sunny wave tech's solution?

Brand new pet's entertainment care system.

    • Video call with your dog
    • CCTV monitoring
    • Remote controller of dogsplay
    • Contents taste data of dogs
  • Dogsplay

    • Dogfilter algorithm
    • Ultra speaker
    • Sensor & camera
    • Special display
  • Dogflix

    • dog-oriented contents recommendation algorithm


Let's check out lovely dogs already enjoying

Real feedback video for dogsplay

Technology Introduction

Patented technology optimized for
dogs' audiovisual experiences

Dogsplay provides the best entertainment experience to dogs by the technology optimzed for dogs' audiovisual senses " Dogfilter"
  • Human's view

  • Dog's view

  • Compensated View

Details of dogfilter technology


Color correction for color blindness

  • Dogs (2-cone) only have two types of cones and , cells that differentiate colors, in contrast to humans (3-cone). Dogsare similar to a person who is green color blind with an abnormal medium wavelength green cone.
  • With an ingenious color correction algorithm for dog’s color blindness, dogs can distinguish richer colors.
humans (3-cone)
Dogs (2-cone)

Comparison of the visual structure of humans and dogs

Human's view
Dog's view

Comparison of color spectrums before and after correction


High-speed display customized to motion visibility

  • Dogs have much greater motion sensitivity than humans so that they can quickly catch small movements.
  • When dogs see displays or videos optimized for humans, they feel like the video buffers.
  • Dogsplay provides the best visual experience to dogs by using high-speed display tehcnology.

Comparision of human and dog motion visibility

Human's view
Dog's view


Optimized contrast correction

  • We applied a contrast maximization algorithm that complements brightness discrimination in dogs that are about two times worse than in humans.
  • Using an optimal design of Gamma, we applied technology that realizes sharp luminance, which helps dogs discern objects and minimizes eye strain.
Before correction
After correction

Dog’s vision before and after correction

Human's view
Dog's view


High-definition video technology

  • Due to low object discrimination abilities of dogs which is about 1/3 of humans, their eyes get tired easily, and their low recognition rate causes them to lose interest in images.
  • Dogsplay presents a clearer image by applying its ingenious Edge Sharpening algorithm technology that sharpens the edges of objects.
Before correction
After correction

Dog’s vision before and after correction


Facial recognition/eye recognition technology

  • We apply facial recognition/eye recognition technology by using each dog's unique characteristics.
  • Using deep learning, it is possible to play contents optimized for each dog's emotional state and preference.

(출처: Schirmer A, Seow CS, Penney TB (2013) Humans Process Dog and Human Facial Affect in Similar Ways. PLoS ONE 8(9): e74591)

Research data on eye recognition


Auditory optimization technology

  • Dogs have a good sense of hearing as they have six times more muscles in their ears than humans.
  • For dogs with frequency hearing ranges over 40KHz that enables them to hear various sounds, Dogsplay enhances their concentration with an ultrasound speaker.


We are looking for enthusiastic partners
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Patents & Certifications

We are currently submitting related patent applications and planning to continue to apply for/register patents for each element technologies.
  • Contrast/Sharpning Patent

  • Display device Patent

  • Color correction Patent

  • DB platform patent