product 01

C-IoT Terminal

The C-IoT terminal is an IoT surface wave communication device that allows stable communication in extreme industrial sites that electric waves cannot penetrate and transmits diverse sensor data, such as vibration, temperature, camera, etc.
  • Supported frequencies

    Wi-Fi, BLE, Zigbee, LoRa

  • Sensor types

    vibration, temperature, gas, camera, mic, etc.
    ※ Various sensors are compatible

  • Interface

    RS-232, RS-485, I2C, SPI, etc

  • Battery

    lithium ion

Low power, maximizing operation time TCP/IP protocol supported FFT analysis included

product 02

C-IoT Multi-Connection AP

The multi-connection AP supports usage of surface wave generators and wireless antennas simultaneously, and provides multi-connection that up to 200 terminals can be connected simultaneously and various communication methods(Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Zigbee/LoRa). It supports protocol conversion between different types of devices and can be applied to various types of IoT sites.
  • Supported frequencies

    Wi-Fi, BLE, Zigbee, LoRa

  • PC/Mobile Communication Types

    Ethernet, WiFi (Ext WiFi)

  • OS


  • Power Supply

    PoE, DC Adapter

Connectable device auto-scan supported Waveform data saving supported

product 03

C-IoT System Monitoring Solution

The C-IoT system monitoring solution collects, analyzes and manages various data in real-time in extreme industrial sites that electromagnetic waves cannot penetrate.

product 04


Display/Semiconductor  Sector

Process chamber monitoring system using surface waves (2020~)

A data monitoring system that applies extreme IoT technologies using surface wave communication in metallic chambers that limit wireless communication, and supports malfunction detection, classification and data analysis.
  • PC/Mobile app for setting preferences and displaying real-time data
  • Time/Frequency domain analysis supported

Shipbuilding/Marine Sector

Communication system that uses surface waves in ships (2021~)

The marine digital communication technology connects lands, ships and marine facilities and leads high-usability of wireless equipments that can respond to various demands for high-speed maritime wireless communication networks.
  • M-IoT technology that uses surface wave communication to overcome limits of wireless communication in ships supported
  • Establishment of real-time monitoring system and marine communication network in the engine room, cabins and stores

Water/Gas/Heating Sector

system that uses surface waves in pipe construction sites (Testing)

The monitoring system uses surface wave communication and supports safety of laborers and work efficiency
  • Establishment of communication networks in construction sites with the smart safety management system
  • The real-time site monitoring system that allows terminals of laborers in construction site to communicate via networks
  • Overcoming limits of communication distance of existing networks
  • Easy system installation and removal of existing harnesses supported