Technology Introduction


Necessity of C-IoT

  • Electromagnetic waves are not able to penetrate metals.
  • Electromagnetic waves cannot be applied to communication in metallic environment since they are absorbed or reflected when encountering metals.
  • Existing wireless solutions are inapplicable to EM shielding facilities.
  • Wired communication in shielding environment, such as containers, ships, etc., needs complex structured and lots of harness and is expensive to establish the entire system.
  • The convergence-IoT(C-IoT) system is a total solution that can simultaneously generate metal surface wave and wired/wireless communication in shielding facilities.


Metal Surface Wave Communication

  • Metal surface wave communication is a new communication method that transmits electromagnetic signals through metal surfaces.
  • Surface wave generators are attachable to metals and transmits signals and power through the metal.
  • Metal surface wave communication provides a safe, effective and innovative wireless solution for shielding environment.
  • Surface wave communication allows real-time sensor monitoring and audio/video transmission to prevent and respond accidents rapidly in industrial sites.
  • The whole solution includes surface wave generators that allow metal surface wave communication, sensor devices, APs that collect data from the sensor devices,
    and the monitoring S/W that provides real-time data monitoring and inspection of devices.
  • Surface wave communication can be applied in diverse industrial sites by combining the solution with existing wired/wireless communication methods.


Surface wave communication solution (Know in Terminal)


Intellectual Property Rights

We are currently applying for related patents, and we plan to continue filing & registration for every single technology.
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  • Monitoring System in Plasma Vacuum Chamber using Metal Surface Wave Communication

  • Registration of Broadcasting and Communication Equipments

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  • Conformity Registration(Wireless) Test Report

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List of patents with the non-exclusive license
  • Wireless Communication Device and Operation Method

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Experiment Photo

  • Ship Engine Room

  • Water Pipe


Real-Time Experiment Data Monitoring

Real-Time Data Look Up