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  • Display Process Monitoring System

    • No existing real-time sensor monitoring system due to limits of wireless communication
    • Needs of real-time monitoring systems to detect flaws which can affect performance and lifetime of the equipment
    • Inspection of sensing devices in the chamber using surface wave communication based real-time monitoring system
    • Avoidance of equipment’s deformation and damages and collection of flawless data by attatching surface wave generators on the chamber instead of on equipments directly
  • Underground/Underwater Communication

    • Needs of real-time monitoring system to detect and prevent leakage/cracks of pipes installed in the industrial environment
    • No existing efficient communication methods that can be used in extreme industrial environment, such as underground or underwater
    • Inspection of pipes’ real-time condition by attatching surface wave sensing devices on them
    • Efficient communication in extreme industrial environment using surface wave generators on underground buried pipes
  • V2X Communication

    • Dangerous and complicated installation and management of harnesses in vehicle due to lots of harnesses needed for V2X communication
    • Needs of high-speed communication that connects all sensors in autonomous vehicle to the main module
    • Easy installation of equipment and reduction of manufacturing cost and vehicle’s weight by removing harnesses and attatching surface wave generators and sensors on the vehicle
    • Safe and accurate communication despite of removing harnesses
  • Communication on Board Vessel

    • Limits of wireless communication and complex wiring since vessles are made of metals
    • Dangerous working condition at confined spaces in vessles (tanks, engine room, etc.) due to lack of oxygen, toxic gases and so on
    • Reduction of wires and monitoring the vessel by attatching surface wave generators on steel bulkheads
    • Provision of safe industrial environment for laborers since they do not need to enter confined spaces

Extreme IOT Patent portfolio planning

Applying for a related patent currently and will apply for patent on each technology in the foreseeable future

Applying for a related patent currently and will apply
.for patent on each technology in the foreseeable future